Homemade Wine, the Easier Way

Homemade Wine There is no greater joy than enjoying some good wine at the end of a long and weary day. But in these times of economic meltdowns, even that has become a luxury. So why not make some wine at home? And it’s not such a difficult process too. Mind you, if you are connoisseur who […] Continue reading →

Tips to prepare your car for a long holiday

car-tips As winter weather affects many parts of the world and with the biggest car travels season coming up, it becomes important to be concerned about what need to be done if in the case you’re caught in snow storm during your long holiday travel with your car. With thousands of people traveling out-of-town by car […] Continue reading →

Alcohol Abuse Will Stop Broken Bones From Healing

People who experience broken bones and try to relieve their pain with alcohol will only delay the healing process. Researchers found that that binge drinking can impair the humans body to repair a fracture. Dr Roman Natoli, of the Loyola University Medical Center in the US, said: ‘Many bone fractures are alcohol-related, due to car accidents, […] Continue reading →