Together we can do it, fight against alcoholm. AA UK stands for a moderate intace of alcohol and can assist in giving advice to people with alcoholm problem. Our question and answer section is soon about to go live.

What we do?

We are soon going to provide support to all of those who are suffering from alcoholism weather you are the person who is damaging yourself with alcohol or whether you are someone who is being affected by someone else who is drinking heavily.

There are all sorts of reasons why people drink excessively and we are determined to give you the right advice on how to overcome these problems and become a better person for yourself or for the people around you such as loved ones who care about you.

At AA-UK we think that safe driving is an aspect that¬†generally¬†doesn’t come with alcoholism so we are about to provide support to help prevent you from putting yourself into a life threatening position.

Remember you don’t have to overcome alcoholism on your own as we will be here throughout the whole process.



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